No, employee email addresses are only required when you want to take full advantage of the employee notifications features including open enrollment announcements and document update alerts.
Yes, Exchange Builder® is available in several different color templates with complimentary images. Additionally, we can load your header graphic or logo as a JPG, GIF, or PNG file with a maximum file size of 500KB. The image must be in jpeg, png or gif format.
Yes, the visiting employee can trigger confirmation statements to print or email.
No, employee IDs or other unique identifier may be used.
Yes, so long as these group products are part of the Consolidated Billing® or Common Remitter® service.
No, Pro-Enroll® sources data dynamically from the Paylogix Consolidated Billing® and Common Remitter® processes to present information in real-time rather than a snap-shot of benefits taken weeks or months before.
Exchange Builder® is designed to deliver a consistent enrollment experience for all employees. An audit trail is maintained and accessible to verify delivery of email notifications, content access and user session activity.
Exchange Builder® provides in depth analytical tools that measure, track and report progress both during and outside of open enrollment periods. Additionally authorized persons may receive a daily email of enrollment activity during the open enrollment period.
Yes, video in various sizes and formats can be added on a per product basis. Corporate servers should be configured to not block the account specific url.
All of our professionally crafted themes are responsive designed for mobile friendly use without the concern for app or browser compatibility. You don’t have to worry about the complex backend tech details. Just focus on doing what you do best as a benefits and insurance professional.
Choose the theme, select the preferred layout, add a logo and pick the colors to give your customers a consistent and tailored experience when interacting with your exchange. Our Exchange Builder® allows you to customize the look and feel of your benefits marketplace to suit your client.
Exchange Builder® allows you to add your products regardless of the various types of insured or non-insurance products you offer. Just use our Exchange Builder website to add and organize all of your products and content for effective and purposeful communication. You can even track your enrollment activity by product type and vendor.
Yes, Exchange Builder® can support custom enrollment questions qualifying or disqualifying an individual before the benefit election can be confirmed.

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